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Branding and sponsorship

Materiali di comunicazione della Ciclovia dei Parchi
Ciclovia Parchi Calabria

Use of the trademark

In order to request the authorization to use the logomark CICLOVIA PARCHI CALABRIA and the free patronage for an initiative it is necessary to fill in and send the request form available at the following link, understanding that the use of the logomark is conditioned to the modalities indicated in the Regulations available in this page. All rights related to the use of the logo are the exclusive property of the Pollino National Park Authority, which has been entrusted by the Calabria Region with the coordination of the communication activity of the Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria.

The Regulation regulates the use of the institutional logo of the Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria, in order to protect its emblematic value and its identification and recognition function. In particular, it establishes the general conditions for the granting of the right of use, the methods of reproduction and the relevant controls.

Branding and patronage
Logomarchio Ciclovia dei Parchi
Logotype and applications

Visual identity

The creative path of the logomark of the Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria has focused the attention on the connotative elements of the brand (cycling, mountains, parks, Calabria) to decline them in an iconic language able to rework the values expressing them in signs, shapes and colours sensitive to the contemporary aesthetic taste.

The main protagonist of the graphic design is the cyclist, whose silhouette has been designed with soft lines that make him one with his bicycle, intended as a 'vehicle' of knowledge and pleasure, of direct contact with nature, the landscape and the human geography that populates it. The journey, therefore, coincides with movement at a speed on a human scale, which allows you to fully experience the routes, even more so those in the mountains where the pace is necessarily slow and where the silence is broken only by the sounds of nature and the breath that accompanies each ride. To tackle each route, the cyclist prepares and trains constantly, an "active" and sporty trait that the logo chooses to highlight in the dynamism of the shapes of the body that ideally pushes on the pedals, on a barely noticeable slope.

The choice of colours is based on a lively palette that interprets joy and pleasure in an overall framework of chromatic harmony. The blue of the sky and the sea, distinctive features of the Calabrian landscape, enter the body of the cyclist and the rims of his bike to underline his empathy. A trait underlined by the green band of the frame that ideally merges with the nature of the parks that the cycle path crosses. The protected areas, the Aspromonte, Sila and Pollino National Parks and the Serre Regional Park, are ideally identified by the four inclined green bands of varying intensity on which the silhouette of the cyclist moves. A composition inscribed in the geometry of a triangle, which recalls the shape of high altitude trees, universally connotative of the mountains, representing one of the four symbolic elements - the larch pine - depicted in the coat of arms of the Calabria Region.

The brand is completed by the 'Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria' logo placed at the base of the graphic image. A position that once again alludes to floral geometry but at the same time is susceptible to variable geometry positioning, as will be seen in the application section. The typeface used is Iskra, a sans serif font designed in 2015 by type designer Tom Grace. Iskra (spark or flash) was chosen to offer, in its linearity, also elements of pleasant decorativism, with bold and elegant curves and a slight asymmetry at the top. Semantic elements that fully express the character of the 'Ciclovia Parchi Calabria' brand, also in English. The colours chosen for the lettering are an explicit reference to the colour scale of the Calabria Region's logo, namely gold and black.

The guidelines for the correct application of the Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria brand are contained in the brand book available on this page.
Graphic design and visual identity plan by Palmarosa Fuccella (© Pollino National Park | Calabria Region).

Visual identity


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