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 Bicycle with 'cruschi' peppers
Tourist Operators' Proposals

Bike tour

This section of the website is dedicated to the travel proposals of the tour operators adhering to the Service Charter of the Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria.

It is an initiative planned in collaboration with companies and operators that invest in soft mobility and believe in the Ciclovia dei Parchi as a destination and driver of sustainable development.
The proposed bike tours offer many possibilities to get to know the Ciclovia dei Parchi, the landscape, culture, art, food and wine of the most authentic Calabria. The tour packages are diversified in terms of level of difficulty, duration, territory and topics of interest.
The organisation of the tour is the exclusive responsibility of the tour operators, therefore Ciclovia dei Parchi is held harmless from any liability regarding the proposed bike tours.
For information and bookings, please contact the tour operators directly.

Vigneti della Valle dell'Esaro

Wine Tours

3 days

Tasting journey through the lands of Cosenza DOC and Moscato di Saracena

A fascinating route through historic cellars and vineyards that combines knowledge of the landscape with tasting the magnificent wines of this area between Castrovillari and Bisignano. The route winds mainly in the Pollino National Park, passing through San Basile, Saracena, Firmo, Altomonte, San Donato di Ninea, San Sosti, Malvito: an area marked by the Arbëreshe culture.

Mabos Museo arte contemporanea nel bosco della Sila

Art-nature-adventure loop

2 days

Immersive route in the Sila Park

The loop tour touches on some sites of great natural and cultural interest in the Sila Piccola, offering two days of highly stimulating activities suitable for children and young people as well as adults: from the Adventure Park to the Museum of diffuse art in the forest, from the Sila Science Park to the Mancuso Village Visitor Centre, ending with a visit to Taverna where the works of the famous Mattia Preti are kept.

Ciclopista sul lago Ampollino

Silan Lakes Cycle Path

2 days

Two days between basins and giants

The bike tour winds through the beautiful lake basins of Sila Grande, from Lake Cecita to Lake Arvo and Ampollino. The route touches on the Guided Biogenetic Nature Reserve of the "giants" of Sila where an over 100-year-old forest with more than 60 specimens of larch pines and sycamore maples lives, donated to the FAI in 2016.


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