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Morano Calabro
A project in progress

About the parks cycle network

The parks’ cycle network is a project funded by the 2014/2020 Calabria Operational Programme, Action 6.6.1, whose goal is to enhance areas of significant natural interest through the promotion of sustainable mobility, aimed at enjoying the nature, landscape and cultural heritage of inland areas. It was designed by Giovanni Aramini, Anna Maria Corea [Calabria Region]; communication and coordination by Bruno Niola [Pollino National Park]; communication plan and graphic design by Palmarosa Fuccella; cartographic data by Raffaele Paone.

Website by Basilicata Culture Soc. coop. arl; coordination by Bruno Niola [Pollino National Park]; design and texts by Palmarosa Fuccella; implementation of the 'Organise your trip' database: Maria Livia Di Leo.
Texts from “Places you must visit”: Giovanni Aramini, Rosa Comisso, Anna Maria Corea [Calabria Region]; Ezia Di Sanzo, Arturo Valicenti [Pollino National Park]; Barbara Carelli, Domenico Cerminara, Mauro Procellini [Sila National Park]; Silvia Lottero [Aspromonte National Park]; Francesco Pititto, Armando Mangone [Serre Regional Natural Park]. Points of interest photo credits (besides the pictures taken from the Park’s photographic archives): Francesco Rotondaro, Luigi Perrone, Bruno Niola, Giovanni Aramini, Bruno Romanelli, Carmine Tedesco, Elio Gullo, Agostino Brusco, Angelo Martucci, Luigi Bosso [Pollino National Park]; Sandro Tripepi, Carmen Gangale, Agostino Brusco, Anna Maria Corea, Francesco Parrottino, Domenico Critelli [Sila National Park]; Salvatore Federico; Agostino Brusco, Danilo Mastroddi, Elisabetta Battaglia, Raffaele Timpano [Serre Regional Natural Park]; Maria Prigoliti [Aspromonte National Park]. Photo credits (routes, experience, cycling holidays and opening pictures): Daniele Carletti -, author of the video shown in the home page.
Social network editorial activity by Basilicata Culture Soc. coop. arl [programming, editing and coordination: Maria Livia Di Leo; editorial staff: Raffaele Flore and Davide Guglielmi; graphic design: Palmarosa Fuccella and Alessandra Carriero; conception and editing of newsletters: Palmarosa Fuccella].

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