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Gambarie - Reggio Calabria

The route starts in Gambarie (1324 m), home to the Observatory for Biodiversity, and climbs up to 1366 m of height near mount Reggio, where a long descend begins, leading to the Passo dei Petrulli (1057 m). Here, during the Italian unification process, the battle of Aspromonte took place and Giuseppe Garibaldi was wounded and taken prisoner by Royal Italian Army. The trail continues up to the helmet of Straorino (580 m). From here, the route rises up to the Charterhouse river (634 m), gently descends along Via Reggio Campi heading Terreti and Nasiti and arrives nearby the hill where the hermitage of Madonna della Consolazione (160 m) - known as the balcony on Reggio Calabria and the Strait of Messina - is perched. The route then ends in the most ancient city of the ‘Greek Calabria’. You can learn about the story of this land at the national archaeological museum, where the famous Riace bronzes are displayed. Finally, the route continues along the coastal road of Falcomatà besides the Mediterranean Sea, which was defined by the Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio as “the most beautiful kilometre of Italy”.

31,8 km
1:20 hours
250 m
Difficulty: advanced
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Flora and Fauna

The Park has about 1,500 species of flora. In some areas we find the Woodwardia radicans, a relic of the Tertiary Period. The forest formations are: macchia, holm oaks, deciduous oaks and beech woods, sometimes mixed in with silver firs and yew trees. Recently the beech forest of Valle Infernale has become a candidate to join the UNESCO network of beech forests. The wealth of fauna is also impressive. The area’s mammals include the wolf, the wildcat, the forest dormouse, the southern squirrel, the marten, the badger and the Italian hare. The Italian roe deer was reintroduced at the 2011. Among the Park’s reptiles you will find the Hermann’s tortoise. Amphibians include the spectacled salamander and the Apennine yellow-bellied toad.


Gambarie is a mountain resort of the municipality of Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, located at an elevation of 1,350 meters, and the heart of the Aspromonte National Park. It is an important winter tourist resort, famous for its slopes, ski lifts, natural environment and beautiful landscapes. The Observatory for Biodiversity, located in Cucullaro, was established to inform visitors about the Aspromonte flora, fauna, habitats and ecosystems.


The building that houses the National Museum of Magna Grecia is home to the Riace Bronzes. They are among the most beautiful examples of classical Greek art. The bronze statues depict two nude men, originally armed with a shield and a spear, which have become the symbol of the city of Reggio Calabria. The Museum was built between 1932 and 1941 and is one of the most important museums of that historical period. It houses a vast number of finds from all over Calabria.

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Winters can be snowy on the peaks. However, roads and accommodation facilities are open and accessible. If you’re not afraid of winter weather riding, the Parks cycle network welcomes you even in the cold season.

Food, drink and accommodation

Throughout the route you’ll find farmhouses (agriturismi), B&Bs and guesthouses. The towns and villages located along the ride offer visitors Italian restaurants and trattorie, where you can enjoy authentic cuisine and typical dishes. The cycle network mainly crosses woodlands and green areas, where water sources are always available.


Cycling gear varies depending on the season. In autumn and winter, it’s important to use the right gear to keep you dry and warm on rides, as the temperatures can be very cold in the mountains; in spring, you don’t need thermal gear but don’t forget to wear the right windproof and waterproof clothing. In summer, you can wear a t-shirt and bermuda shorts, but always bring a jacket for high-altitude rides.
  • We recommend using a reliable and comfortable bike, suitable for both sealed and unsealed roads.
  • If you want to travel with a tent, you can stay in tent camping sites or campsites with full amenities, surrounded by woodlands. To learn more please click here.

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