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rovale - mancuso village

rovale - mancuso village

The route starts in Rovale (1350 m), a charming holiday destination nestled at the north-western end of Arvo lake, not far from to the tourist village of Lorica (San Giovanni in Fiore), on the Sila Grande peak. After some ups and downs, you’ll reach Ampollino lake (1282 m), near Trepidò, home to the visitor centre of the Museum of water and energy. Ride along the lake for about 13 km and then follow the route southwards to the hamlet of Manco Spineto Migliari. The route rises up to 1435 m and then rapidly descends towards the villages of Racise and Mancuso, renowned holiday destinations enhanced by charming wooden lodges that were built at the beginning of the 20th century (1290 m).

56 km
3:00 hours
800 m
Difficulty: advanced
Nature & adventure holidays
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Places you must visit


Lorica is a tourist resort located in the wide valley of Lake Arvo in Sila Grande. It touches two municipalities in the province of Cosenza: San Giovanni in Fiore and Casali del Manco. Lorica lies at an elevation of 1314 metres . When you visit you will be able to tackle various sports, from canoeing on the lake to skiing on Monte Botte Donato (elevation 1929 m).

The Water and Energy Museum Visitor Centre

The Water and Energy Museum Visitor Centre is located in Trepidò, in the municipality of Cotronei, province of Crotone. The building was an environmental requalification as well as a building refurbishment. The Museum uses interactive technology to inform visitors about issues such as water resources and the use of renewable energy sources.

Mancuso Village

Villaggio Mancuso was founded during the first decades of the 20th century as a holiday getaway for the citizens of Catanzaro, in one of the most beautiful areas of Sila. It is located in the Femminamorta and Gariglione mountains. There are small wooden houses with black and white slats reminiscent of Swiss cabins as well as hotels and recreational activities.

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Winters can be snowy on the peaks. However, roads and accommodation facilities are open and accessible. If you’re not afraid of winter weather riding, the Parks cycle network welcomes you even in the cold season.

Food, drink and accommodation

Throughout the route you’ll find farmhouses (agriturismi), B&Bs and guesthouses. The towns and villages located along the ride offer visitors Italian restaurants and trattorie, where you can enjoy authentic cuisine and typical dishes. The cycle network mainly crosses woodlands and green areas, where water sources are always available.


Cycling gear varies depending on the season. In autumn and winter, it’s important to use the right gear to keep you dry and warm on rides, as the temperatures can be very cold in the mountains; in spring, you don’t need thermal gear but don’t forget to wear the right windproof and waterproof clothing. In summer, you can wear a t-shirt and bermuda shorts, but always bring a jacket for high-altitude rides.
  • We recommend using a reliable and comfortable bike, suitable for both sealed and unsealed roads.
  • If you want to travel with a tent, you can stay in tent camping sites or campsites with full amenities, surrounded by woodlands. To learn more please click here.

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